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Fleures Honey

Fleures Hot Honey Sauce Extra Hot 350g

Fleures Hot Honey Sauce Extra Hot 350g

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Floral Source & Origin

The Fleures Extra Hot Honey is a remarkable addition to our honey collection, introduced in 1993. We gather this distinct honey from a unique combination of wildflowers that boast vibrant red and fiery yellow blooms during the peak of summer. Despite their petite stature, these flowers are loaded with intense, spicy nectar, ensuring a consistent and extraordinary honey yield year after year.

Flavor Profile

Fleures Extra Hot Honey is a journey into the spicy unknown. It packs an explosive punch of heat skillfully counterbalanced by the inherent sweetness of our original honey. This dynamic, fiery duo creates a flavor profile that's perfect for the thrill-seeking palate. Be prepared for a sweet start with an exhilarating finish.

Available Sizes

Our honey is available in 3 convenient sizes to cater to your needs:

350g Single
350g 12 pack
5kg Bulk

Food Pairings

Fleures Extra Hot Honey isn't your everyday honey - it's a culinary adventure. It's the ultimate secret weapon for lovers of spice. Splash it onto your barbecue wings for a spicy-sweet twist. Drizzle it onto your pizza for a surprisingly fiery finish. Use it to liven up your grilled cheese sandwich or your morning toast. A dollop in your tea or coffee can provide a wake-up call like no other. This isn't just honey; it's a flavor revolution waiting to ignite your dishes.

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