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Fleures Honey

Fleures Hot Honey Sauce Original 350g

Fleures Hot Honey Sauce Original 350g

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Floral Source & Origin

Our exclusive Fleures Honey Hot Honey is now captivating taste buds! A spicy twist to the traditional sweetness. We harvest our honey from a variety of wildflowers, specifically those that bloom fiery red and orange petals each summer. Despite their small size, these radiant flowers are nectar-rich, allowing for a consistent and rewarding honey yield annually.

Flavor Profile

Fleures Honey Hot Honey is an enticing blend of sweet and spicy. It delivers a delightful burst of heat, carefully balanced with the inherent sweetness of the honey. This fusion creates a vibrant yet harmoniously balanced flavor profile that is perfect for those seeking a little more adventure in their everyday honey.

Available Sizes

Our honey is available in 3 convenient sizes to cater to your needs:

350g Single
350g 12 pack
5kg Bulk

Food Pairings

Fleures Honey Hot Honey is not only versatile, but it's also a game-changer when it comes to food pairings. It's your secret ingredient for spicy and sweet barbecue glazes, an irresistible drizzle over fried chicken, or a surprising kick to your morning toast. It adds a punch of flavor to pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches, and a dash in your tea or coffee can provide an unexpected zing to start your day. This is more than an everyday honey; it's a journey of flavor exploration.

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