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Fleures Honey

Fleures Honey Original: 375g

Fleures Honey Original: 375g

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Floral Source & Origin

The floral origins of our unique Fleures Original Honey has been a favorite since 1987. We select honey from wildflowers which are covered with little white flowers in mid-Spring each year. These flowers may be small, but they produce a lot of nectar which make for a reliable honey crop every year.

Flavor Profile

Fleures honey is not too sweet and not too floral. We like to say that this is a very good choice for an everyday honey. 

Available Sizes

We offer this honey in 3 different sizes:

  • 375g Single
  • 375g 12 pack
  • 375g 24 pack

Food Pairings

This everyday honey is good for everyday use. Perfect for peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Use it for baking. Add it to a fruit smoothie. Can't miss with adding it to tea or coffee.

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