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Fleures Honey

Bulk Fleures Honey

Bulk Fleures Honey

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Floral Source & Origin

The floral origins of our unique Fleures Original Honey has been a favorite since 1987. We select honey from wildflowers which are covered with little white flowers in mid-Spring each year. These flowers may be small, but they produce a lot of nectar which make for a reliable honey crop every year.

Flavor Profile

Fleures honey is not too sweet and not too floral. We like to say that this is a very good choice for an everyday honey. 

Available Sizes

We offer this honey in different sizes, most commonly 25kg, but larger options are available, so please feel free to contact us to enquire about other formats:

  • 5kg Bulk Bucket
  • 25kg Bulk Bucket

Food Pairings

This everyday honey is good for everyday use. Perfect for peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Use it for baking. Add it to a fruit smoothie. Can't miss with adding it to tea or coffee.

Food Safety & Accreditaions

Fleures Honey is Kosher, Halaal and HACCP acccredited. We are certified ZA approved for export.

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